Ryo Montgomery Workshops

Ryo Montgomery WorkshopsWorkshop 1A - Introduction to Ukulele Bass
[Binary Studio 9:00am]
Bring your u-Bass or nylon string guitar to this workshop to get the bass-ic low-down on playing U-Bass for your group or club. (Let us know if you don't have a nylon string guitar - we may be able to provide one).
Workshop 3A - Boppin' the Blues
[Binary Studio 1:45pm]
Learn how to perform a classic blues as Ryo guides you through the changes and style you need to sound authentic and true to blues tradition.
Workshop 4A - The New Folk
[Binary Studio 3:00pm]
Now that the 21st century is with us, catch on to the new wave of folk music with the uke at its core. See how you can play classic and modern folk style on your uke in this eye- and ear-opening presentation.