The Montgomery Brothers

featuring Ryo Montgomery

Ryo Montgomery returns to the Redlands Ukulele Festival, this year bringing his band to liven up the party with workshops and concert sets that will blow your mind.

The Montgomery Brothers are an exciting, frightening, gorgeous Blues Band. Led by Ukulele & guitar virtuoso, Ryo Montgomery accompanied by a couple of school kids… yes, school kids who play with a maturity usually associated with artists who have decades of experience.

Ryo comes from Cairns and spent much of his early life haunting the back stage area of Johno’s Blues Bar, listening to and learning from the best international acts in the business.

Ryo Ukulele and Maru Cajon

Ryo and Maru Jammin’

Ryo has spent most of the past year as a headline artist at festivals in California, Hawaii, Korea and japan. He is known around the world as a virtuoso Ukulele player and finger-picking Guitarist. Since his childhood he has developed a deep love for the Blues and guides his band through a succulent and fiery show that is hard to top.

Maru ‘The Clock’ Nitor-Zammataro, 17, born and bred in Cairns, is the son of a Chilean freedom fighter, and started playing Cajon and other percussion at the age of 4 within the Cairns South American community. He says he wants to be a musician when he leaves school – most think he has already arrived.

Nicholas Kanakis, 18, North Queensland born and bred, still at school, started playing Guitar and Bass with his musical family from a very early age. He is well-known for his eisteddfod and stage musical performances. After school he hopes to become a musician – same story.

Be sure to check out their exciting evening show at the Gala Concert on Saturday 13th June, and at the Uke Festival Community Concert on Sunday morning.