2017 Performers

Ryo MontgomeryRyo Montgomery hails from Cairns and spent much of his early life haunting the back stage area of Johno’s Blues Bar listening to and learning from the best international acts in the business. He is known around the World as a young gun virtuoso Ukulele player and fingerpicking Guitarist. Since his childhood he has developed a deep love for the Blues. He has just returned from a series of solo gigs in England including a feature spot at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. (performing at the Sunday Concert)
Tom Richter is a Sunshine Coast music teacher and performer who has been playing stringed instruments since his teens, but in recent years has turned his talents to the smallest of them all, the ukulele, and found he was not alone. Tom says we are now riding the "third wave" of ukulele madness worldwide, after similar uke crazes in the 1920s and 1950s. Tom has started Maleny Ukulele, a workshop for other players to come along, learn how to improve their skills or learn new songs to play together. He will be presenting workshops and performing throughout the festival. (performing at the Saturday Uke Lunch).
Anything GoesAnything Goes is an energetic quintet that delivers a unique musical experience, adding an array of instruments to the ukulele to create an intoxicating mix of seventies groove, eighties pop and more harmony than you can poke a stick at. They have performed at festivals up and down the coast and will be playing for us at the Sunday concert.
Georgie Taylor is a 15 year old emerging artist from Redland City. She is a singer that has a passion for songwriting, performing musical theatre and contemporary music on guitar and ukulele. She recently won the songwriting competition at the Tropulele Festival at the Sunshine Coast. (performing on Saturday)
Maleny Ukulele groupMaleny Ukulele entices ukulele lovers from their nests and burrows all over the Hinterland for workshops, and we've enticed them to perform at Cleveland for the Redlands Ukulele Festival. Don't miss their great arrangements and harmonies. (performing at the Saturday Big Jam)
Mama Juju & The Jam TartsMama Juju & The Jam Tarts are a multi- instrumental, all singing, all women band with quirky songs, big personalities and big harmonies. They easily slide across the genres from folk to jazz, rock to blues and back again. A Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts concert is like a box of chocolates- you never quite know what you are going to get next. (performing on Sunday)
The Wild Women of ArmidaleThe Wild Women of Armidale are Cathy (Fast Fingers) Welsford and Angie (Random Chords) Smith who have performed together for 20 years, most recently singing their way through uke festivals in Cairns, Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Sunshine Coast and at the last Spruke Festival. You can catch them at the Uke Dinner on Saturday night.
David HethornDavid Hethorn
(performing at the Big Uke Jam on Saturday)
Adrian BoardAdrian Board plays ukulele cover versions of popular rock, pop and reggae songs to audiences all over the South-East. (Performing at our Ukulele Lunch on Saturday)
GRUBsThe GRUBs (Greater Redlands Ukulele Band) are regular performers at local events and retirement villages. They are part of the U3A in Cleveland and hold popular strum and sing meetings every week in Cleveland. (performing on Sunday)
RCU'sThe Redland City Ukuleles (RCUs) love to perform! They play a mix of popular music from modern to golden oldies and have played at many local events, most recently at the Sunshine Coast Tropulele Festival. (performing on Sunday)
Dukes of UkeThe Dukes of Uke ukulele club are based in Cleveland and enjoy playing their mix of popular music styles at various venues and events around the Brisbane region. (performing on Sunday)
The Archdukes, formed from members of the Dukes of Uke club, perform a variety of instrumental and vocal arrangements of well-known songs. They have performed at several festivals and events in the Brisbane region. (performing on Sunday)
Chrysalis was formed in 2015 as small ukulele ensemble with its focus on "ukestration", as a sub-group of the Greater Redlands Ukulele Band Society [GRUBS], a U3A group. From there, the players "emerged" to incorporate different picking parts and accompaniments, hence the name "Chrysalis". They meet every Saturday at Cleveland library at 9 am.
(performing at the Saturday Big Jam)
Gerard HaynesGerard Haynes
Gerard has spent his whole life playing and performing music. Originally from England, he moved to Australia in the 50's and played in bands in Melbourne and Brisbane, specialising on hawaiian guitar and ukulele. Gerard has performed on radio and TV over many years, and his performances include events for the Hilton Hotel group in Australia and Hawaii. He now resides on the Gold Coast and continues performing throughout the region. (performing on Sunday)
Redland Bay State School
Sheldon CollegeSheldon College feat Thomas Darcy
St Rita's Primary SchoolSt Rita's Primary School
Birkdale State SchoolBirkdale State School (Birkdalian Ukulelians)